Outputs from various pieces of code I’ve written or helped write.


From a prototype game engine I have worked on, using pyglet and pymunk.  You can see more videos at


Links to GIS data plotted on google maps using pygmaps-ng (library I wrote for this purpose):

Partial Austin Zoning Map

Debugging building a graph of Austin streets

*Note: These are 8-11 Megabyte flat html files filled with json. You can click the link and “save as” and use them from home (though you need an Internet connection for google maps)


Stationary Mirrors, Tracking Target

Example from a non-sequential optical raytracing program I contributed to, using cython, Mayavi and Enthought Traits.

Vector fields and conics

Using Chaco to interactively plot families of conic sections based on their optical properties. This was the first step in designing Tailored Edge-Ray Concentrators from Python.

Audio Analysis

From the beginnings of teaching a computer to pass the Turing test of music appreciation, with Numpy and matplotlib.